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It’s widely known on software development that when there is pressure to deliver, there is no time for documentation and testing. However, I was very lucky in the last months because our client wanted to invest time on test automation. And we did it! So let’s talk about our experience regarding FE Test Automation.

Those are the questions that I’m trying to answer in this article:

  1. Why we wrote tests?
  2. Which process did we follow in the team?
  3. What type of tests did we write?
  4. How to write tests?

And these are the conclusions, keep reading if you…


This is a new post to share my journey, because we are doing very cool stuff at work and it would be a pity to don’t share them!

In this case we have made something simple, we have built a blog with React, Next.js and Contentful. A couple links before starting with the details:

People pointing WTFs in the demo. Yes, I don’t like styling.


  • Frontend: React with TypeScript, Next.js and Tailwind CSS
  • Backend: Contentful as Headless CMS
  • DevOps: Vercel

Over the last years I have been trying several frameworks and libraries in the JavaScript world, mainly in the React ecosystem. …

One on the most important decisions that will affect the architecture is how we render the content. This decision will affect several outstanding metrics to take into consideration, some of them are:

  • Speed and User Experience
  • Data Stale
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Complexity
  • Security

The purpose of this article is to analyse the existing types of rendering for the Web to help us to make the decision.

Source: Articles by Victoria


The main three types of rendering on the web a those:

  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR): the page is rendered on runtime in the server in response to navigation. …

How we made our project more maintainable

Maybe this situation sounds familiar: you are a software developer and you join a project. It’s a good match because you know the technologies and the project itself is interesting for you. So you onboard quickly and get comfortable contributing to the project easily..

However, the project has been running for a while and the codebase is already pretty big. …

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